Obama Says His Daughters Have Helped Curate Some of His Playlists: ‘I'm Keeping Up for an Old Guy’

His daughters won't share all their musical picks, however, because they're "not sure I'm hip enough to handle it," Obama said

Barack, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia Obama
From left: Barack, Malia, Michelle and Sasha Obama in 2016. Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty

Though he's known for his love of music, former President Barack Obama isn't above admitting that sometimes his daughters assist with his tastefully curated playlists.

The 44th President of the United States frequently releases playlists filled with his favorite tunes.

Just last month, Obama shared a list of songs that were "memorable" from his administration. That playlist, published ahead of the release of his new memoir, A Promised Land, included a variety of artists, such as Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Frank Sinatra, and Miles Davis.

Speaking to Peter Hamby, host of the Snap original show Good Luck America, in an interview that aired Thursday, Obama said the music featured on his most recent playlist was all him.

"This one was the playlist of music that is featured in the book," Obama said. "Paul McCartney singing 'Michelle,' to Michelle ... Or U2's 'A Beautiful Day' is what we played during our campaign, after speaking at a rally."

However, Obama shared that he did put together his annual end of the year playlist with a little help from his college-aged daughters.

"My year-end playlist, those are the fresh cuts. And there, I will confess that I do consult with Malia and Sasha throughout the year," Obama added. "I'm constantly listening to their music. Sometimes by request and sometimes, just because that's what's blaring in the house."

Though he noted that Sasha is a bit more cagey about what she has in her musical rotation, Obama said he's able to glean enough to "keep up" with what's trending in music.

"I pick up on some trends," he continued. "Sasha's more protective of her music. There's certain things on SoundCloud — She has a like a private playlist. She won't share all of it with me because she's not sure I'm hip enough to handle it."

"Nah, man, I'm keepin' up, for an old guy," Obama added.

Nearly four years after he left office, Obama has been spending more time with 22-year-old Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, who are both in college but have been taking classes remotely amid the pandemic.

While the family quarantine started out well, former First Lady Michelle Obama has said there have been ups and downs.

"We've kind of had phases of COVID," Mrs. Obama, 56, told Conan O'Brien in September, adding that, early on, the family would exercise together and even engage in activities such as mini art exhibits.

The luster wore off, though, with the former first lady telling O'Brien, "our kids got a little sick of us, which was fine 'cause we were pretty much sick of them."

In a recent conversation with PEOPLE, Mr. Obama said the increased time together has allowed him to see that the girls are now closer than ever.

"Now they're both old enough, where they just enjoy each other's company," Obama said, "and to be together as a family and see how they've become these marvelous young women — there's been no greater joy than that."

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