President Barack Obama himself granted "the Internet one last chance to talk about" his bromance with Vice President Joe Biden

By Tierney McAfee
January 13, 2017 03:46 PM
The White House Official Photographer

When he awarded Vice President Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday, President Barack Obama joked that the surprise ceremony would give “the Internet one last chance to talk about our bromance.”

Now we’re taking the president up on that offer with a look back at Obama and Biden’s special bond — and all the many times they gave us #friendshipgoals over their eight years in office.

1. That time Obama made Biden a friendship bracelet

What better way to honor your BFF than with matching friendship bracelets? In a video urging Americans to register to vote last summer, Obama made “Barack” and “Joe” bracelets to celebrate their “BROTUS.”

The White House

The friendship bracelets made another appearance on social media later that summer when Biden wished his “best friend forever” and “brother” a happy 55th birthday on Twitter:

2. That time Biden brought Obama birthday cupcakes

Did you really think the celebrating would end at a tweet? Biden also surprised the president with birthday cupcakes on his big day.

Did Obama wish for his friendship with Biden to last forever when he blew out the candles? We’d like to think so.

3. That time Obama was delivering a speech and pointed to his bestie in the crowd …

… and of course Biden pointed right back at him — and also threw in a wink.

4. That time Obama and Biden went jogging around the White House together

They did it to promote First Lady Michelle Obama‘s “Let’s Move” initiative to fight childhood obesity. Anything for love and friendship!

5. That time Obama revealed just how close he and Biden really are

In what was hailed as one of Obama’s best jokes from the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the president raved about those magic “Joe Biden shoulder massages.”

“We’ve gotten so close, in some places in Indiana, they won’t serve us pizza anymore,” he added.

6. That time Obama and Biden high-fived just like any other best buds would

This was after watching Obama’s daughter Sasha and Biden’s granddaughter Maisy play in a basketball game. The Obama-Biden friendship knows no generational bounds.

Pete Souza

7. That time Biden turned to Obama for fashion advice

Biden’s affinity for aviators is no secret, and in a spoof video about Obama’s post-presidency life released last May, he asked Obama to help him choose between two different pairs of shades.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sunglasses, the president doesn’t seem to have the same attention to detail as his style-conscious veep.

8. That time Obama was there for Biden when he needed him most

After Biden’s son Beau died of brain cancer at 46 in May 2015, the president delivered a heartfelt eulogy at his funeral, honoring both father and son by saying, “[Beau] learned how to make everybody else feel like we matter – because his dad taught him that everybody matters.”

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters/Landov

After finishing the eulogy, the president wrapped Biden in a warm hug.

9. That time Obama moved Biden to tears by presenting him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Obama and Biden were both overcome with emotion on Thursday as Obama paid tribute to his second in command in a surprise ceremony at the White House.

Susan Walsh/AP

Calling Biden “the best vice president America has ever had,” “a lion of American history” and a “brother,” Obama capped off the ceremony by awarding Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Biden was moved to tears as he accepted the award and spoke of how Obama stepped in to offer financial help when his late son, Beau, was fighting brain cancer and Biden was considering selling one of the family’s homes to pay for treatment.

“Mr. President, you have crept into our heart, you and your whole family, and you occupy it,” Biden said, adding, “I am indebted to you. I am indebted you and your family.”

10. That time Obama and Biden’s wives teased them over their bromance

As the Obamas prepare to say goodbye to the White House next week, the BROTUS may be ending — but the bromance will live on.

Just ask their wives.

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“They will find each other,” Michelle Obama joked to PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly editorial director Jess Cagle and PEOPLE White House correspondent Sandra Sobieraj Westfall in a recent interview. “They’ll go for long walks, looking into each other’s eyes.”

REUTERS/Jim Young /Landov

Added Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, with a laugh, “They’re going to be eating ice cream together somewhere, I’m sure.”