Natasha Stoynoff on Melania Trump: 'I Think She Deserves Better Than to Be in a Situation Like This'

Natasha Stoynoff has revealed she considers Melania Trump to be a "woman of dignity" -- even after the Presidential candidate's wife spoke out against her

Natasha Stoynoff has revealed she considers Melania Trump to be a “woman of dignity” — even after the Presidential candidate’s wife spoke out against her.

Sitting down to talk to PEOPLE’s Jess Cagle on camera for the first time in a People Entertainment Weekly Network exclusive, Stoynoff explained how she had dealt with her story taking over national headlines.

Last month, Stoynoff revealed how Donald Trump attacked her while she covered his first year wedding anniversary with Melania.

Melania, she says, was actually part of the reason why she never made the incident public.

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“I’d just come from their home and Melania was eight months pregnant, glowing and beautiful,” she says: “And I didn’t want to interfere with that happiness, honestly.”

However, months after the incident in December 2005, Stoynoff and her friend Liza Herz bumped into Melania and her baby son Barron outside Trump Tower in New York City.

Melania recently denied the meeting to Anderson Cooper – insisting they had never been friendly: “I was never friends with her, I would not recognize her.”

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Trump also vigorously denied the story and later attacked Stoynoff on the campaign trail, saying, “She lies! Look at her, I don’t think so.”

Today, Stoynoff says: “I always liked Melania. From the moment I met her, I liked her very much and I feel like she’s a woman of dignity and I think that she deserves better than to be in a situation like this.”

“I think she’s a very strong woman,” she adds: “I think she probably does as she wants to do and knows exactly what she’s doing.”

“But I feel solidarity with all women, including her, so I feel like I understand her.”

While Trump has accused Stoynoff of political bias, Stoynoff insists she is not a “politically motivated person.”

Denying she has ever met or spoken with members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Stoynoff says: “I care about what happens to this world and this country, I’m not registered to any party, I grew up in Canada.”

Although coming forward has not been easy, Stoynoff adds: “I also care about this election and I would want people to make an informed choice with the information.”

Click here for the full interview with Stoynoff.

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