Monica Lewinsky Laments Secrecy of Mueller Report After Lurid Details of Clinton Relationship Were in Starr Report

Lewinsky is speaking out about the differences between Robert Mueller's report on Donald Trump and Russia and the Clinton-era Starr Report on her

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Monica Lewinsky, herself the subject of a years-long investigation and subsequently hotly-awaited report, had a three-word response this week to the handling of Robert Mueller’s report on President Donald Trump and Russia.

“If. f——. only,” Lewinsky, 45, wrote Wednesday while sharing a tweet from law professor Orin Kerr, who was criticizing how information has been shared so far about Mueller’s work.

On Tuesday Kerr tweeted, “Imagine if the Starr Report had been provided only to President Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, who then read it privately and published a 4-page letter based on her private reading stating her conclusion that President Clinton committed no crimes.”

The Starr Report that Kerr referenced was the work of Kenneth Starr, who was the independent counsel investigating President Bill Clinton in the ‘90s and who came to hone in on Clinton’s sexual relationship with Lewinsky when Lewinsky was a White House intern.

At the conclusion of his work, Starr produced a 445-page report that was quickly shared in full with the news media and subsequently the public. Starr’s report was incredibly detailed — even graphic — and did not shy away from physical specifics about Clinton and Lewinsky’s relationship.

By contrast, Mueller’s report, which Attorney General William Barr said Friday had been completed, has yet to be released in any fashion beyond a brief summary from Barr, who had strongly challenged Mueller’s work before he joined the Trump administration.

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Lewinsky, who has become an anti-bullying advocate, subsequently “liked” a tweet complimenting her reaction to Starr and Mueller. “The only tweet that I need to read about the Barr report…,” pundit Elise Jordan tweeted about Lewsinky’s Wednesday post.

Mueller was appointed in the summer of 2017 to investigate connections between President Trump and Russia. But he did not find any conspiracy or coordination, according to Barr’s summary of his report.

Mueller also looked at whether Trump criminally obstructed the Russia investigation but, according to Barr, did not come to a conclusion on that question that either accused or exonerated Trump.

Democrats are calling for the release of Mueller’s full report and underlying materials, while Barr has cautioned that authorities need time to redact sensitive parts of Mueller’s work including information related to grand juries.

Speaking with reporters earlier this week, Trump said he would not be bothered by the report’s release.

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