Mitt Romney's Grandson Dresses Up as Senator's 'Lurker' Twitter Persona Pierre Delecto for Halloween

In response to his grandson's creative choice, Mitt Romney joked that Thomas would be left "out of the will"

Mitt Romney, Thomas Romney
Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty; Tagg Romney/Twitter

Pierre Delecto strikes again!

This Halloween, one of Mitt Romney’s grandsons paid tribute to the name the Utah Sen. gave to his secret Twitter account, which was unearthed earlier this month.

Seemingly poking fun at the fact that his grandfather’s “lurker” identity had been revealed, his grandson Thomas dressed up in a tuxedo with a name tag on it, on which the former presidential candidate’s name had clearly been crossed out and replaced with the name Pierre Delecto.

To round out the costume, Thomas also sported a handlebar mustache, a dark pair of sunglasses as well as a beret — an apparent nod to the fact that his grandfather confirmed he was responsible for the account by admitting, “C’est moi.”

“Thomas as #PierroDelecto and Joe as Nacho. World beware,” the senator’s son Tagg captioned the social media snaps — which quickly got the attention of the man responsible for Delecto.

Great costumes!” Romney, 72, wrote in response to the creative costume, before issuing a joking warming to his grandson.

“Thomas, #OutOfTheWill!” he quipped.

Commenting on the unique idea, Eric Columbus, former Justice Department appointee under President Obama, joked that it was a very 2019 costume.

“Nothing more 2019 than dressing up as Grandpa’s twitter name for Halloween,” he tweeted.

The truth about Romney’s covert username came in part thanks to a profile published in The Atlantic earlier this month, in which the reporter briefly noted that the regular critic of President Donald Trump kept a “secret” Twitter account to “keep tabs on the political conversation.”

Although Romney declined to share the name of the account, he did share how many people he was following, specifically mentioning comedian Conan O’Brien — and it wasn’t long before Slate’s Ashley Feinberg, who previously went deep figuring out former FBI Director James Comey’s secret Twitter account, uncovered the truth.

Speaking with The Atlantic in a followup interview, Romney confirmed it was: “C’est moi.”

Mitt Romney
Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

At the time that Feinberg found the account, which has since been made private, Romney had tweeted only 10 times, and almost all of the messages were written in defense of himself.

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