Mitt Romney Dresses as Ted Lasso for Halloween, Turning the Tables on Jason Sudeikis

The Utah senator posted a series of photos in which he dressed as the Apple TV+ character, even getting Democrat Kyrsten Sinema to join in the fun

mitt romney
Mitt Romney. Photo: mitt romney/ twitter

Mitt Romney is turning the tables on actor Jason Sudeikis, who satirized the Utah senator for years during his stint on Saturday Night Live.

On Thursday, Romney dressed as Ted Lasso — portrayed by 46-year-old Sudeikis on the eponymous Apple TV+ series — for a series of photos shared just days ahead of Halloween.

"If you believe in yourself, and have clear eyes and full hearts—you can't lose," the 74-year-old Romney captioned a GIF of himself in which he can be seen exiting his office and slapping a sign reading "BELIEVE" — a reference to Ted Lasso.

In a second GIF, Romney is walking through a Senate hallway wearing a jersey and a mustache, á la Lasso, and catching a soccer ball.

"Warming up for Halloween weekend with the grandkids. As @TedLasso says, 'Your body is like day-old rice. If it ain't warmed up properly, something real bad could happen,' " the senator wrote on Twitter.

Romney even let another lawmaker get in on the fun, posing as Lasso alongside Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema.

On the Apple TV+ series, Lasso — an American football coach hired to lead an English soccer team — uses his baking skills and irrepressible spirit to win over the team's posh new owner.

Similarly, Romney looked to be using homemade biscuits to woo over Sinema, a centrist Democrat whose vote is key to ongoing negotiations over a major spending bill. "She's one tough cookie," Romney jokingly wrote in a photo of he and Sinema.

"After 10 years, I'm finally returning the favor. How was my @TedLasso, @JasonSudeikis?" Romney asked in a caption to his final photo in the series, showing him holding a soccer ball.

Sudeikis, who was an SNL cast member for 10 years, returned to Rockefeller Plaza for his first hosting gig last weekend.

Romney tweeted ahead of Sudeikis' turn as a host to confirm that he and his wife, Ann, would be watching.

"Darn it all to heck—@JasonSudeikis is hosting @nbcSNL tonight. Break a leg, Jason! Ann and I will be watching while splitting a nice, cold carton of chocolate milk," Romney wrote.

Following his 2012 defeat in the presidential election, Romney — who was then the Republican nominee for president — was depicted on SNL as drowning his sorrows with milk, on account of his Mormon faith.

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