McConnell found himself on the receiving end of some heated words from his fellow diners on Friday

By Maria Pasquini
October 22, 2018 02:29 PM

The people have spoken.

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell found himself on the receiving end of some heated words from his fellow diners in a Louisville, Kentucky, restaurant on Friday night.

Eyewitness Casey Leek told the Louisville Courier-Journal that the situation began after a woman approached the table where the Senate majority leader and his wife, Secretary of Transportation Elanie Chao, were dining at Cuban restaurant Havana Rumba.

The woman called McConnell a “traitor,” prompting other diners to clap, Leek noted, adding that after the woman left, another diner yelled at McConnell and proceeded to grab the senator’s to-go box and dump it out on the sidewalk.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the man can be seen yelling at McConnell, saying, “Why don’t you get out of here? Why don’t you leave the entire country?” The woman who recorded the video told the outlet that the man had also been complaining about McConnell’s views on Social Security and health care.

Throughout the video, McConnell does not appear to outwardly react to the enraged man, and TMZ reported that he shook hands with supporters afterwards.

Acknowledging the incident the following day, Havana Rumba wrote on Facebook that they “deeply” regretted the entire situation.

“It was Friday night in the middle of the rush and our staff was caught off guard as the incident developed quickly,” they continued. “Once we were aware of the situation we acted quickly and efficiently to assure that everyone was safe.”

“Havana Rumba has always been a welcoming place to all who want to enjoy delicious Cuban cuisine and we are committed to continue bringing that to our Louisville community,” the note concluded.

In a statement issued to the Courier-Journal, McConnell’s spokesman said that the senator hadn’t been intimidated by the “left-wing tantrums,” adding that the couple appreciated their fellow patrons “who spoke up against [the] incivility.”

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In an interview with Bloomberg News last week, McConnell blamed the substantial increase in the U.S. deficit on the country’s health care programs.

“It’s very disturbing,” he told the outlet. “And it’s driven by the three biggest entitlement programs that are very popular: Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid.”

“It’s a bipartisan problem,” he continued, calling on politicians on both sides of the political aisle to curtail government spending on the programs.

Prior to Friday’s incident, McConnell was also recently confronted by protestors at Reagan National Airport over his support of then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

President Trump’s White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was also confronted over her politics at a restaurant in June. She and her family were asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia, because the owner objected to Sanders’ participation in Trump’s “inhumane and unethical” administration.