Charlotte Pence, the oldest daughter of the second family, endorsed John Oliver's parody children's book about her family's pet rabbit

By Karen Mizoguchi
March 22, 2018 12:30 AM
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Mike Pence’s daughter revealed she bought a copy of the sold-out parody children’s book that trolled her vice presidential father.

“I have bought his book,” Charlotte Pence said of John Oliver’s gay-themed love story, A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, that was released in response to Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President, the tale about the family’s pet rabbit written by the 24-year-old and illustrated by her mother, Second Lady Karen Pence.

“He’s giving proceeds of the book to charity, and we’re also giving proceeds of our book to charity, so I really think that we can all get behind it,” Charlotte told ITK as reported by The Hill on Wednesday. “It doesn’t have to be divisive. I think that everybody can come together over Marlon.”

The proceeds from Oliver’s book have been pledged to The Trevor Project and AIDS United.

“Happy to support charities and important causes,” Charlotte, the oldest daughter of the second family, tweeted on Wednesday.

Charlotte and Mike Pence
| Credit: Peter Parks-Pool/Getty

The Last Week Tonight story follows Marlon Bundo as he meets another bunny named Wesley and they decide to get married. However, a ruling stink bug — who bears some resemblance to the vice president with his white hair and red tie — declares that “boy bunnies don’t marry boy bunnies” (also bearing some resemblance to Pence’s enduring opposition to LGBT rights).

“I’m all for it,” Charlotte told Fox Business in an interview on Tuesday, adding, “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”

Charlotte is also donating proceeds from sales of her book to A21, an anti-human trafficking nonprofit.

Purchase Marlon Bundo’s tale on Amazon or at The Pence book is also available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble booksellers.