June 30, 2017 06:28 AM

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have hit back against President Donald Trump, questioning his mental stability and alleging that the administration threatened to smear them with a tabloid report.

In a scathing column in the Washington Post, the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe responded in detail to the nasty personal attacks that the president tweeted on Thursday morning. He called Brzezinski “low-IQ, crazy” and claimed she was bleeding from a face-lift when he saw her around New Year’s.

“America’s leaders and allies are asking themselves yet again whether this man is fit to be president,” they wrote in the co-bylined column. “We have our doubts, but we are both certain that the man is not mentally equipped to continue watching our show, Morning Joe.”

They wrote that Trump has an “unhealthy obsession” with their show and that “it would be better for America and the rest of the world if he would keep his 60-inch-plus flat-screen TV tuned to Fox & Friends.”

Virginia Sherwood/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The political commentators also alleged that “top White House staff members” told them that the National Enquirer was planning to write a negative story about them unless they “begged” Trump to have it spiked. American Media Inc., the parent company of the National Enquirer, did not immediately respond to request for comment.

“We ignored their desperate pleas,” Brzezinski and Scarborough wrote.

Trump referenced the alleged National Enquirer piece in a new tweet he issued just before 9 a.m. Monday, which also slammed Morning Joe and Scarborough once again.

“Watched low rated @Morning_Joe for first time in long time. FAKE NEWS. He called me to stop a National Enquirer article. I said no! Bad show.” he wrote.

The co-hosts, who are engaged to be married to each other, also wrote in the Washington Post column that it was Trump who invited them to his resort at Mar-a-Lago and insisted that Brzezinski attend, despite her initial objections.

“After we arrived, the president-elect pulled us into his family’s living quarters with his wife, Melania, where we had a pleasant conversation. We politely declined his repeated invitations to attend a New Year’s Eve party, and we were back in our car within 15 minutes,” they wrote.

Courtesy Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

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Far from “bleeding from a face-lift,” the pair wrote that Brzezinski had “some skin under her chin tweaked” – but that it was a “mundane fact” and that a face-lift would have been well apparent once Brzezinski went on TV.

“We have known Mr. Trump for more than a decade and have some fond memories of our relationship together,” the co-hosts wrote. “But that hasn’t stopped us from criticizing his abhorrent behavior or worrying about his fitness. During the height of the 2016 presidential campaign, Joe often listened to Trump staff members complain about their boss’s erratic behavior, including a top campaign official who was as close to the Republican candidate as anyone.”

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