Dancing & Magic Tricks: See Michelle Obama & Jimmy Fallon Baffle Unsuspecting Elevator Riders

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon appeared behind the sliding doors — with some shenanigans up their sleeves

You never know who you’re going to find on the other side of an elevator door.

30 Rockefeller Center visitors traveling in an elevator at the famed New York City building were surprised by former First Lady Michelle Obama and The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon in a new sketch this week.

“We’re about to surprise some people,” Fallon, 44, explained beforehand. “They’re going on a tour of 30 Rock. They think they’re going on a tour of 30 Rock. And they’re going to stop on the wrong floor, this floor. And that’s where we step in. You ready to do this?”

“Yeah,” Mrs. Obama, 54, enthused.

Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/Youtube

For their first bit, Fallon perused Mrs. Obama’s memoir Becoming, while she flipped through the host’s children’s book, Everything Is MAMA.

When the elevator doors opened, Fallon peeked out from behind the book. One woman muttered, “Oh my god.” Then the former first lady lowered her book, and the elevator riders screamed in surprise.

For his next trick, Fallon performed a bit of magic: He stood right in front of the elevator with a sheet, and when he lowered it, Mrs. Obama appeared.

Keeping the segment festive, Fallon played the piano and sang “Jingle Bells” as Mrs. Obama clapped along. One woman’s mouth dropped as she recognized the famous duo from their backs alone — and when Fallon turned to greet the tourists, the sightseers yelped.

For the following gag, Mrs. Obama hid in a massive gift box. As she popped out and struck a pose, Fallon told the crowd, “Happy Holidays.”

“Are you okay?” the tour guide asked the amazed fans.

Michelle Obama. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/Youtube

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As the elevator arrived again, Fallon casually jogged up and asked the astounded guests, “Hey guys! Mind if I get on?”

“Actually, you know what?” Fallon continued as Mrs. Obama came into view. “We’ll take the next one.”

Mrs. Obama followed the teachings of her “Let’s Move” campaign for the next sketch: She jump roped as astonished elevator-goers looked on.

One skit did not go as planned. As Mrs. Obama and Fallon performed a coordinated dance, the elevator opened with nobody onboard. “Oh well,” Mrs. Obama shrugged.

“Why don’t we just take the stairs?” the former first lady asked when Fallon started to get on the waiting elevator. “Why are you such a wimp?”

“I can walk back up if you want,” Fallon yelled from the elevator.

“Whatever,” Mrs. Obama concluded.

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