The Commander-in-Chief searches for a missing tie while FLOTUS challenges people to #GimmeFive

In a clip that once again highlights the First Couple’s comedy chops, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama star in a YouTube video released on Monday to mark the fifth anniversary of her Let’s Move campaign.

Playing the role of a bumbling husband, POTUS walks in while the First Lady, seemingly in search of his blue tie, talks to the camera about the anniversary of her health initiative.

“What’s going on here?” the Chief Executive asks while sauntering into the room.

The First Lady proceeds to remind him about the Let’s Move anniversary, explaining she is launching the #GimmeFive measure, asking people “to give me five ways to be healthy.”

The screen then pans to a close-up of the Commander-in-Chief, who looks thoughtful as he contemplates all the ways he stays healthy (jogging to the stage, lifting babies, you get the idea).

“Well, even I’ve got time for that,” the President exclaims before the First Lady points to his tie on the ground with a mock-annoyed shake of her head.

After the video, FLOTUS Tweeted several celebrities asking them to take the #GimmeFive challenge.

“Hey @RyanSeacrest: The First Lady has a challenge for you. #GimmeFive burpees, then pass the challenge on”

At this writing, the celebrity host has yet to respond.