Melissa McCarthy Just Rolled Down an N.Y.C. Street on Sean Spicer's Lectern

On Friday, Melissa McCarthy was spotted in full "Spicey" costume, rolling down N.Y.C.'s 58th street on a podium on wheels

Melissa McCarthy has already proved she knows her way around Sean Spicer‘s podium, but this time, she took her act to the streets.

On Friday, the actress was spotted in full “Spicey” costume, rolling down N.Y.C.’s 58th street on a podium on wheels.

Losing her patience at one point, McCarthy-as-Spicer waves someone out of her path as she yells, “Come on. Come on!”

The sight brought joy to many passersby, some of whom took to Twitter to share clips and jokes.

The wheeled appearance comes one day after McCarthy gave fans another sneak peek of her upcoming return as Spicer, when she hosts Saturday Night Live for her sixth time this weekend.

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On Thursday she took to Instagram to share a GIF of herself dressed as Spicer and rushing angrily at the camera, arms waving.

“Straight out da bushes,” she captioned the post, referencing a recent incident in which Spicer was reportedly hiding from reporters “among” (keyword “among,” not “in”) the bushes outside the White House in the aftermath of President Trump‘s firing of former FBI Director James Comey on Monday.

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