Melania Trump Leaves Hospital After 'Successful' Kidney Procedure: She's in 'High Spirits'

After undergoing a "successful" procedure to treat what the White House has described as a "benign kidney condition," Melania Trump returned home Saturday

First Lady Melania Trump is continuing her recovery from the comfort of home.

After undergoing a “successful” procedure on Monday to treat what the White House has described as a “benign kidney condition,” Trump left the hospital on Saturday.

“The First Lady returned home to the White House this morning,” the White House announced in a statement. “She is resting comfortably and remains in high spirits. Our office has received thousands of calls and emails wishing Mrs. Trump well, and we thank everyone who has taken the time to reach out.”

The Slovenian-born former model, 48, surprised even those close to her when her spokeswoman revealed Monday afternoon that she underwent a kidney embolization that morning at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, to treat a benign kidney condition.

The president was not present for the procedure, instead remaining at the White House where he had his daily intelligence briefing at 11 a.m. and lunch with Vice President Mike Pence.

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On Friday, Grisham declined to give PEOPLE an update when asked how soon the first lady might return home.

Trump tweeted on Wednesday that she was “feeling great” and looking forward to returning home to the White House, and her husband, President Donald Trump, tweeted Tuesday morning that she’d be leaving the hospital in “two or three days.”

Leading medical experts who spoke with The New York Times said they would consider a week-long hospital stay unusual in typical cases of this procedure.

“It’s like literally an outpatient procedure,” said Dr. Eleanor D. Lederer, a professor at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and past president of the American Society of Nephrology. “You go in, you have it done, you lie in bed for a while to keep the blood vessel from bleeding and then you go home.”

But Dr. Jeffrey Cadeddu, a professor of urology and radiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, said her hospital stay has most likely been extended due to her position.

“That’s because she is the first lady,” he said. “If it was you, you’d be in and out in a day, I promise.”

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