Melania Trump Announces Christmas Planning as Her Husband Tweets Away His Vacation

It's not the first time Mrs. Trump has spotlighted Christmas cheer amid a backdrop of high-pressure current events

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The administration of Donald Trump, the first true Twitter president, has often been characterized by a split-screen effect: There’s whatever he wants to talk about (or fight about) online and then there’s the day-to-day business of his government.

And so while President Trump is on vacation in New Jersey this week, discussing any number of things on social media — a trade war with China, protests and police clashes in Hong Kong, again complaining about The New York Times and weighing in on, of all things, CNN’s Chris Cuomo getting into an argument with a heckler — First Lady Melania Trump is focusing on decking the halls.

She has begun planning for the upcoming holiday season, the White House announced Monday.

“First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald J. Trump will once again open the People’s House up to the public for the traditional Christmas decorating of the White House,” reads a statement from Mrs. Trump’s office.

The statement also provided an application for volunteers looking to help decorate, serve as greeters and for musicians who’d like the chance to perform at the White House during the season.

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It’s not the first time Mrs. Trump, 49, has spotlighted Christmas cheer amid a backdrop of high-pressure current events.

In July, as Robert Mueller testified before Congress about his investigation into President Trump’s ties to the Russian government, she shared four photos on Twitter of her Christmas planning while in the White House’s East Wing.

“I’m looking forward to sharing our final vision for this unique tradition in the coming months,” she wrote.

Last season, Mrs. Trump decorated the White House by lining the East colonnade with all-red Christmas trees, an unusual display prompting some mocking comparisons to everything from The Handmaid’s Tale to a famously bloody scene in The Shining.

<a href="" data-inlink="true">Melania Trump</a> red Christmas treesCredit: FLOTUS/Twitter
Melania Trump. FLOTUS/Twitter

The White House explained the red motif in a statement, saying the hue represented stripes found in the presidential seal designed by the Founding Fathers.

Mrs. Trump described the “American Treasures”-themed scene as “fantastic” and “beautiful” and said she recognizes that people’s tastes vary.

“I think they look fantastic. I hope everybody will come over and visit it. In real life, they look even more beautiful,” she said at the time, according to Reuters. “You are all welcome to visit the White House, the people’s house.”

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