May 24, 2017 02:07 PM

When in Rome!

President Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump were photographed holding hands while visiting Vatican City for a meeting with Pope Francis on Wednesday – a gesture especially notable after the first lady was seen rebuffing her husband’s reach twice during their first international trip.

In the new image, the first couple is seen from behind—with their hands clasped—as they view Michelangelo’s “The Last Judgment,” which covers one of the walls at the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel.

As the couple arrived in Rome on Tuesday, the first lady was seen avoiding her husband’s grasp by suddenly raising her hand to her hair when he reached for her.

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That Tuesday caught-on-camera moment followed a more blatant dodge from the first lady while the family visited Israel earlier in the week.

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The president’s meeting with Pope Francis was described by onlookers as “stiff.”

Yet, the pope gifted Trump three books on the topics of family, the joy of the gospel and “care of our common home, the environment,” as well as a medal by a Roman artist featuring an olive, a symbol of peace, which featured Pope Francis’ signature.

Of the offering, Trump said, “We can use peace.”

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