"It was a hot mess that didn't allow us to hear much substance at all," Megyn Kelly said of Tuesday's debate
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Megyn Kelly
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Megyn Kelly is sharing her reaction to the chaotic presidential debate that took place Tuesday night — and speaking out about how she would have moderated the evening.

The debate was moderated by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, who had to ask Donald Trump to stop interrupting both himself and Joe Biden several times and said Wednesday that the night was "a terrible missed opportunity."

Kelly, 49, moderated the Republican debate in 2015 alongside Wallace and Bret Baier. While the former Megyn Kelly Today host was not involved in Tuesday night's debate, she had some thoughts about what she would have done differently.

"Had it been me out there, I would have said, 'I want control of the cameras and I want control of the mics,' " Kelly said in an interview with Extra on Wednesday.

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Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier in 2016
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"Let me tell you something, if I looked at Donald Trump and said, 'Mr. Trump, I appreciate that you want to be heard and I’ve turned off your mic and the camera is on me, so no one can see you or hear you when you're interrupting,’ that would have stopped it," Kelly said. "And that would have stopped Biden, who was also interrupting."

Kelly, who recently launched her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, said that the disorderly debate was "not Wallace's fault."

Wallace was put in "an impossible situation," Kelly told Extra. "We've never had a presidential debate like that, and so I admit that he was on unchartered territory."

Kelly added that she "wasn't shocked" by Trump's behavior.

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President Donald Trump (left) and former Vice President Joe Biden at Tuesday's debate
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"Clearly, he just wanted to go in there and dump against Biden, and he succeeded in not letting Biden get one clean soundbite out," she said. "Had I been in Biden’s shoes, I would have looked over at Trump every time he interrupted me and said, like ... 'You seem upset… do you need a break?' "

"I tweeted out that it was a s— show and I stand behind that," the former Fox News anchor said in summation of the tumultuous debate.

"It was a hot mess that didn't allow us to hear much substance at all, and I think the only people who really enjoyed it were people who, like yours truly, are a little pugilistic by nature and were watching the fighter keep throwing the blows and the other guy try to get to the corner of the ring and how … stylistically they were doing. But nobody learned anything."