Meghan McCain on How AOC Got Her Thinking About Running for Office — and Whether She'd Vote for Biden

The View co-host has been a prominent critic of President Donald Trump, so what does her own future in politics (and as a voter) look like?

Meghan McCain, never shy about discussing all things politics, got into the subject during an appearance this week on Watch What Happens Live.

Would The View co-host vote for former Vice President Joe Biden — or another Democrat — over President Donald Trump in the 2020 election?

“I get asked about this all the time,” McCain, 34, said on Tuesday’s episode, replying to a view question, “and I will say, and I’m just gonna leave this like this, Joe Biden and I everyone knows are very close.”

“I love him dearly, and I think he is a truly decent, wonderful human being that can be very healing for the country,” she continued, “and I hope he stays true to the politician he has always been.”

The two families have long been close: Biden, 76, gave an emotional eulogy at the funeral for McCain’s father, Sen. John McCain; and he consoled Meghan during a View appearance after her dad’s diagnosis with the same cancer that killed his son Beau.

Cindy McCain, the senator’s widow, has said she will not get involved in the election but called Biden a “dear friend” earlier this year.

On Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen also asked Meghan about her own political ambitions — if any. The most prominent conservative voice on The View, Meghan’s career to date has been in media, where she has become a sharp critic of Trump’s vision of the Republican Party.

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Asked if she would ever run for office, Meghan said, “Honestly, I didn’t for forever and then all of a sudden I saw AOC, a clip of her documentary, and she said, ‘No one was going to do it, so I thought I better do it.’ ”

Meghan was referring to New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a bartender and organizer who upset one of the most powerful Democratic politicians in the House of Representatives to be sworn into office in January before her 30th birthday.

Her journey was re-told in the documentary Knock Down The House.

“If The View cancels me and fires me,” Meghan told Cohen, “I want to go back to politics in some form or another. I don’t know what that means. It maybe means getting other people elected.”

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