Meghan McCain Shares Candid Family Photos of Her Dad Cooking, FaceTiming and More 2 Years After His Death

Sen. John McCain died on August 25, 2018 after a battle with brain cancer

John McCain
Meghan McCain, John McCain. Photo: Meghan McCain/Instagram

Meghan McCain is remembering her dad, Sen. John McCain, two years after his death through family photos.

Meghan, 35, shared on Twitter that the anniversary of her father's death at 81 in 2018 is "harder than I thought it would be." John was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma, a rare and highly aggressive form of brain cancer, in July the year before.

"So here are few memories of my Dad that I hope make all of us smile," she said, beginning with a couple videos of John cooking.

"This was one time when I asked for a BLT for lunch and he decided to cook 100lbs of bacon," The View co-host wrote alongside a video of the Arizona senator frying bacon. "He loved to grill and cook and it was never healthy, ever."

Sharing another clip of the politician seasoning some ribs, Meghan revealed that his secret recipe has yet to be recreated by the family.

John McCain
John McCain. Meghan McCain/Instagram
John McCain
John McCain. Meghan McCain/Instagram

"His ribs were dry with a special combination of ingredients I can’t share all of it except he used ⁦@HogsBreathDesFL ⁩ seasoning and it’s the only way I like my ribs," she wrote. "This was always my go to when he asked what we wanted for dinner. No one can imitate it perfectly but we try."

"He absolutely hated wearing a tuxedo more than maybe anything. I was trying to make him laugh in this photo," she continued, sharing a photo of herself posing alongside her dad.

Meghan shared a photo of John with his dog Burma, adding that the pooch "only loved him and would follow him everywhere and go ballistic when he wasn’t around."

John McCain
John McCain. Meghan McCain/Instagram

"He loved being a Dad," continued Meghan, who is expecting her first child with husband Ben Domenech after suffering a miscarriage — this time sharing a black-and-white photo of the family.

Meghan said that she misses her father, whom she spoke with every day.

"We talked a few times a day and I miss his laugh and dark sense of humor the most," she wrote in another tweet alongside a FaceTime screen grab. "Grief doesn’t get easier but in my experience the pain does get quieter in time. I still wake up every day missing him."

John McCain
John McCain, Meghan McCain. Meghan McCain/Instagram
John McCain
Meghan McCain's Twitter. Meghan McCain/Instagram

"I hope my child is just like you," Meghan concluded.

Earlier in the day, Meghan posted a photo from 2017 of herself and John sitting side by side on a bench during a hike, writing, "Two years today. 742 days. Miss you every single one."

Cindy McCain also shared a tribute to John on Tuesday, remembering her husband's "smile, your sense of humor, your intelligence, and laughter," saying that of everything, his "loyalty" is what she misses most.

"There isn’t one hour I don’t think of you or one hour I don’t miss you," Cindy wrote in an Instagram post. "Being quarantined up north where you chose to spend your last months has been loving, enlightening and also very difficult. I feel close to you, but also very alone sometimes. I know you are here because I feel it every day."

"Occasionally you remind me to buck up and move forward. I won’t let you down, but oh god I miss you," she continued, adding that she was commemorating the day by hiking to the top of a hill "to give you some flowers and to let you know how much I love you. Your beloved valley is still yours!"

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden also shared a tribute to John on Tuesday, remembering the Republican lawmaker as "a genuine American hero" and a "true friend."

"John McCain never stopped pushing me and our nation to be better," Biden wrote on Twitter. "I miss him dearly."

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