"This election is so dark and so emotionally draining but I still remain hopeful," Meghan McCain tells PEOPLE

Credit: Mary Altaffer/AP

Meghan McCain is having an emotional week.

The daughter of Arizona Sen. John McCain tells PEOPLE she shed tears when Donald Trump officially won the GOP nomination for president at the Republican convention on Tuesday.

“It’s really hard,” says McCain, a Fox News analyst who also hosts a three-hour, daily radio talk show, America Now, on iHeartRadio. “I understand the voters have spoken. I understand that he’s had more votes than any other candidate – but this is an incredibly polarizing election. 60 percent of Republicans want another candidate. This is not the vision for America I have.”

Not that her disapproval of the Donald would drive her to vote for another candidate she takes issue with, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“This is a garbage election with two garbage candidates and America deserves a lot better than this,” McCain says.

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So what option does that leave her? “I’m writing in a candidate,” she says, adding that she will also vote for her father, the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, who is currently running for re-election in Arizona.

Though McCain says the ugly, divisive and polarizing election has “almost turned her into a pessimist,” she still has hope for the future of her party.

“If this turns into the Trump Party, I think it’s an opportunity to have a conservative party platform, a third party – something representative of the values that traditionally, I and many like me have adhered to. So the message is, hang in there. This election is so dark and so emotionally draining but I still remain hopeful for, after the election, moving forward.”