Meghan McCain reveals she is under pressure to have a baby as her father, Sen. John McCain, battles stage-four cancer

Less than a year after her wedding and amidst dad John McCain‘s battle with stage-four brain cancer, Meghan McCain reveals that the heat is on for her to have a baby — but she finds the pressure to reproduce “hilarious.”

While Meghan, 33, and her husband, conservative writer Ben Domenech, 36, are “not quite there yet” regarding parenthood, her mother, Cindy McCain, is certainly ready for a new addition.

“She has never asked me before and then all the sudden she brings it up all the time,” Meghan tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “It’s hilarious and uncomfortable.”

Meghan and Cindy McCain. Meghan McCain/Instagram
| Credit: Meghan McCain/Instagram

Sen. McCain, 81, on the other hand, is less concerned with his daughter’s potential for motherhood.

“He’s just like, ‘Do whatever you want,’ ” Meghan says.

But regardless of his advice to Meghan, the politician believes that fatherhood was the most fulfilling of his many impactful endeavors.

“There is nothing in life like a child that you can nurture and love,” he told in 2001. “The reciprocation of that love and nurturing is a thousand times more beneficial to you than it is to the child.”

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If Meghan does decide to start a family of her own, she will find role models in her parents. Between serving as a United States senator and running for president, Meghan said her father impressively found time to be a present and positive influence in her life.

“He pulled off being such a good dad,” Meghan says. “If I ever have kids, I want to figure out how he did it.”

Meghan also admires her mother’s supportiveness and courage. During the senator’s health struggle, Cindy, 64, has been “incredible and so strong,” Meghan says. “She is truly the matriarch of our family and has kept everyone sane.”

Cindy McCain/Instagram

Although the McCains might have to wait a little longer for Meghan to produce a grandchild, they are already enjoying the joys of grandparenthood.

Son Jack McCain, 32, and his wife, Renee Swift McCain, welcomed their first son, John, in November 2016. The senator also has several grandchildren through his first marriage to Carol McCain.