Meghan McCain Says Ivanka Trump Was 'Breaking Her Own Rules' by Leaving D.C. During Stay-at-Home

Meghan McCain, long a critic of Ivanka Trump and President Donald Trump, had thoughts to share on Friday's The View

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Meghan McCain, long a critic of Ivanka Trump and President Donald Trump, Ivanka’s dad, had thoughts to share on Friday’s The View after the news that Ivanka left her home in Washington, D.C., despite a stay-at-home order there.

Ivanka, 38, and her family went to the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey for Passover earlier this month.

The White House maintained that Ivanka’s trip with her husband, fellow presidential adviser Jared Kushner, and their three young children was nothing more serious than traveling to and from work.

“Her travel was not commercial,” aides said this week. “She chose to spend a holiday in private with her family.” (CNN reported Thursday that the family drove to New Jersey.)

But McCain, 35, saw it differently, noting Ivanka has been one of the faces of the Trump administration’s reminders for people to follow social distancing guidelines to slow new infections of the novel coronavirus.

Ivanka Trump went on her Instagram and she did a whole Instagram about how people need to stay at home if they can. And then she proceeded to go to her second home in New Jersey over Passover, breaking her own rules and breaking the rules that are set in place,” McCain said on Friday’s The View, which she and her co-hosts have been taping remotely during the pandemic. (McCain said late last month that, because she was pregnant, she would be going into isolation.)

“I have been quarantined a little bit less than you and Whoopi, Joy, and this is very hard,” she said on the show.

“It’s much harder than I thought,” she continued. “But I’m doing it because it’s a health risk for me to go outside. I still worry about the possibly of being asymptomatic.”

Of Ivanka, she said, “I think when we have our first daughter who is not abiding by the rules she is putting in place, it’s hard to tell the rest of the American public that they should abide by the rules.”

Meghan McCain, <a href="" data-inlink="true">Ivanka Trump</a> and Jared Kushner
From left: Meghan McCain, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Samir Hussein/WireImage

McCain has sharply, repeatedly criticized President Trump, often over Trump’s attacks against her late father, Sen. John McCain. But she has also spoken out about Ivanka and Kushner’s roles in the federal government over what she said was their lack of qualifications.

The New York Times was first to report that Ivanka eft D.C. for the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

The family traveled to Bedminster to celebrate the first night of the religious holiday earlier this month, which was April 8, according to two sources who spoke with the Times.

That day, Ivanka tweeted about “a Passover without precedent,” a seeming acknowledgment that many families had chosen to gather remotely — via video call, for example — in order to celebrate while still distancing.

Ivanka, who has remained in Bedminster, asked her staff to work from home and avoid coming into the White House if necessary, according to the Times.

The White House on Thursday confirmed Ivanka and her family were at Bedminster for Passover but stressed that she was still social distancing while “working remotely.”

It was unclear who else she may have come into contact with in New Jersey. (She has a Secret Service detail as well.) The Times reported that Ivanka has told others the Trump club is shut down, which makes it safer than her home in D.C.

White House aides compared it to a “family home.”

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