Instead of discussing President Trump, Meghan and John McCain gossip about The View and Whoopi Goldberg


In the McCain household, Donald Trump is out and Whoopi Goldberg is very much in.

As Sen. John McCain fights through stage-four brain cancer, daughter Meghan McCain says they don’t talk much about President Trump. Instead, the father-daughter duo have a lot more fun dishing about her day job on The View — and about one of her co-hosts in particular.

“He is extra obsessed with Whoopi,” Meghan, 33, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “It cracks me up.”

Goldberg, 62, introduced Meghan as a permanent co-host on The View last year, while pointing out the similarities between Meghan and her dad.

“She definitely has got some maverick in her, ’cause she’s got a maverick dad who was a hero on the battlefield and in D.C.,” Goldberg said on-air at the time.

Since becoming a co-host, Meghan has used her platform to defend her father — calling out White House special assistant Kelly Sadler for her “despicable” comments about her father, and shutting down talk of her father’s funeral plans.

Credit: Meghan McCain/Instagram

When Meghan is not honoring her dad on the show, The View co-host is often challenged for her conservative viewpoints.

In February, the politician’s daughter went head-to-head with co-host Joy Behar during a discussion about top Trump aide Rob Porter, who resigned amid domestic abuse allegations from his two ex-wives.

“I don’t mind being controversial. You’ve got to be okay with at least half the audience hating your guts every day,” Meghan tells PEOPLE, adding that the backlash would likely bother her more if her father wasn’t sick.

“It’s so small,” she adds.

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Meghan says the senator not only enjoys hearing about Goldberg, but also likes chatting with his daughter about guests on the show and “just normal stuff” about her life in New York.

She adds that the pair also discuss “the bigger life things,” like parenthood and family values.

“I always just saw that we speak the same language,” Meghan says. “I feel like he’s the president of my fan club.”