The 23-year-old says the bedrooms there are "smaller than you might think" as she debuts her book, My Dad, John McCain

By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
Updated September 03, 2008 09:45 AM
Credit: INF

Has John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, already put dibs on a White House bedroom?

That was the question put to the 23-year-old by a cub reporter from Nickelodeon Tuesday, as the would-be First Daughter unveiled My Dad, John McCain, her illustrated children’s book about her father’s life story.

“No,” McCain replied to the bedroom query. “But Jenna Bush did show me her room in the White House and it’s beautiful.” She added with a laugh, “But they’re smaller than you might think!”

As McCain autographed books for nearly 100 well-wishers at the Republican National Convention, her mother Cindy and three younger siblings – Jack, 22, Jimmy, 20 and Bridget, 17 – playfully cut in line.

“I’m so proud that she would be an author at such a young age but, more important, that her first work would be about her father,” mom Cindy boasted.

Meghan McCain, who blogs about her family’s behind-the-scenes campaign adventures at, said that tagging along on the stump is the most fun she’s ever had. “I feel like I’m living out my rock-n-roll fantasies, living on the bus, hitting the road.”