Meghan McCain wasn't prepared for the gigantic water slides her mom, Cindy, gifted her for the 4th of July — but she eventually worked up the courage

By Tierney McAfee
July 04, 2018 10:00 AM

Meghan McCain wasn’t prepared for the gigantic water slides her mom, Cindy, gifted her for the 4th of July — but she will be after “a few beers!”

Sen. John McCain‘s daughter shared videos of two huge, inflatable water slides on her Instagram story on Tuesday, saying they were “water park” quality.

“Mom told me that she was getting us water slides; this is not exactly what I thought we were getting for the Fourth of July,” Meghan, 33, said with a laugh. “This is the biggest water slide in the world.”

“Don’t ever say that Cindy McCain doesn’t go all out on everything, because this is like a water park water slide,” she added in another video. “Also I don’t know if my mom realizes that I’m 33, my husband’s 36.”

Though Meghan seemed a little intimidated by the size of the slides, she said she planned to psych herself up for them with a little liquid courage.

“I’m totally going to get on this,” she concluded, “I just gotta maybe have a few beers first.”

Although it’s unclear how much alcohol was involved beforehand, Meghan indeed found the strength to go down a slide — with her mom by her side.

“Just me and my mom @cindymccain in matching America Abraham Lincoln t-shirts riding down her giant rented water slides! #happyfourthofjuly #freedom #cindysslides” she captioned a video of the joyful moment.

Cindy McCain shared the same video on her Instagram account — and added another one of her heading down the slide solo amid an enthusiastic “Water Slide!” chant.

Meghan McCain (left) and Cindy McCain
| Credit: Meghan McCain/Instagram
Credit: Meghan McCain/Instagram

The co-host of The View is home visiting family for the July Fourth holiday, including her 81-year-old father, who is battling brain cancer.

She posted another Instagram of a yard in Cornville, Arizona, where a decorative chain of American flags had been hung. “American summer,” she captioned.

On Sunday, she wrote a tweet wishing her followers a happy Fourth of July — and sending a strong message to her father’s cancer.

“I hope everyone has a truly wonderful fourth of July holiday and weekend. I know I am planning on doing so with my family and friends – celebrating our great American freedom and independence,” she wrote. “And oh yeah, forever #F–kCancer.”