Meghan McCain Honors Her Late Grandmother Roberta: 'I Wish My Daughter Had Gotten to Meet You'

Roberta McCain, the mother of late Sen. John McCain, died Monday at the age of 108

roberta mccain
Roberta McCain (left) and Meghan McCain. Photo: Twitter

Meghan McCain said Monday afternoon her late grandmother was "everything I ever aspired to be," in a loving tribute to Roberta McCain hour after the family matriarch died.

Roberta, the mother of late Sen. John McCain, was 108.

"I love you Nana," Meghan, a co-host on The View who recently welcomed daughter Liberty Sage, wrote on Twitter. "You’re everything I ever aspired to be."

Meghan, 35, continued: "Thank you for teaching us all about living life on your own terms with grit, conviction, intensity and love. There will never be another one like you, you will be missed every day. I wish my daughter had gotten to meet you."

In an Instagram post, she added, "Have a drink with Dad for me..."

The View co-host also shared a photo of her and Roberta hugging and smiling together.

Cindy McCain — Meghan's mom and Roberta's daughter in law — announced her death on social media earlier in the day.

"I couldn’t have asked for a better role model or a better friend," Cindy, 66, wrote in a tweet.

She wrote that Roberta "joins her husband Jack, her son John and daughter Sandy," all of whom died before her.

"Roberta was the liveliest presence in every room she graced, an irresistible force of nature. Her life spanned more than a century," Cindy said in a longer statement shared by The McCain Institute Foundation.

She continued: "[Roberta] was her husband’s closest confidant, and with her lifelong passion for travel and learning that never wearied, she was more than a witness to great events, she was an active participant in and shrewd observer of some of the seminal moments of the last century."

"Her family and many friends grieve her loss, but we will treasure her memory all our lives," Cindy said. "She is, after all, unforgettable."

TV anchor Greta Van Susteren, who considered herself Roberta's best friend, told PEOPLE that Roberta "died peacefully" at home on Monday afternoon, with her surviving son Joe at her side. Van Susteren says Roberta did not die of the novel coronavirus but had had "labored breathing" and "started failing a few days ago."

Roberta will be buried next to her husband, late Navy Adm. John "Jack" McCain Jr., in Arlington National Cemetery, Van Susteren said.

Sen. John McCain and his mother Roberta McCain.

Last February, while wishing Roberta a happy 107th birthday, Meghan called her grandmother “the epitome of strength and grace, an American treasure and one of my life role models."

"Thank you for showing me and so many others how to truly live life on your own terms," Meghan said then.

Roberta was born in 1912 and later married John "Jack" McCain Jr. in 1933.

Together, the couple had three children: Jean, Joe, and Sen. John McCain. Roberta also had an identical twin sister, Rowena, who died in 2011. The elder John McCain, a retired Navy admiral, died in 1981.

Republican Convention, St. Paul, USA - 4 Sep 2008
Roberta McCain and her son Sen. John McCain. Paul Sancya/AP/REX/Shutterstock
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Lies In State In The Rotunda Of U.S. Capitol
Meghan McCain and grandmother Roberta McCain hold hands at Sen. John McCain's funeral in 2018. Drew Angerer/Getty

In 2018, Roberta and Meghan shared an emotional and enduring moment together at Sen. McCain's funeral, as the former sat stoically by her granddaughter's side but holding her hand, as they mourned their loss.

The late Arizona lawmaker also looked up to his mother's strength throughout his life, writing in one of his books that Roberta was a "determined woman who thoroughly enjoyed life and always tried to make the most of her opportunities.”

“She was encouraged to accept, graciously and with good humor, the responsibilities and sacrifices her choices have required of her," her son wrote. "I am grateful to her for the strengths she taught me by example.”

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