The hosts of The View had a lot to say to the Democratic presidential candidate

By Sean Neumann
January 07, 2020 04:52 PM

The hosts of The View had a lot to discuss with Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday’s episode, including panelist Meghan McCain, even though some on Twitter zeroed-in on one particular moment where it seemed the Democratic presidential candidate was ignoring McCain’s questions.

… Not really.

It’s true that McCain, 35, seemingly couldn’t really get a comment in during a segment about Warren’s tax plans on the wealthy and how Warren wants to pay for her ambitious social programs. But elsewhere in the episode, McCain and the senator discussed Iran, the military and diversity in politics.

Warren, 70, joined the show to talk about everything from President Donald Trump‘s surprising airstrike on an Iranian general last week to his upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate and her 2020 campaign.

Leading up to the moment that became viral fodder in certain Twitter circles, the Massachusetts Democrat was explaining her “wealth tax” plan (which would create an increased tax on Americans making more than $50 million) and the new programs that revenue could support.

McCain tried to jump in and “switch gears” back to a point co-host Joy Behar had made.

However Warren, who was looking in McCain’s direction, didn’t pause or respond as she continued to talk about her proposals, including expanding education funding.

Soon panelist Sunny Hostin, who was seated closer to Warren, interjected with a comment as well as McCain kept trying to speak.

“We’ve got to switch really quick ’cause I have a question,” McCain said again, again unsuccessfully, this time looking off camera and smiling.

However, at other points in the interview, Warren and McCain discussed several things, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent comment about the tension in the Democratic Party between progressives and moderates and how the president should ideally respond to Iran.

McCain pressed Warren on whether Warren believed Iran’s Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani was a terrorist after McCain took issue with Warren’s statements on the matter. (Warren agreed that he was.)

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The View’s studio crowd was filled with Warren supporters Tuesday, wearing campaign shirts and cheering loudly for her during a standing ovation.

“I know you came to see her. You do want to hear what she has to say, don’t you?” host Whoopi Goldberg joked as the crowd continued to cheer after Warren was introduced and sat down. “So, hold on — there’s plenty of time to hoop and holler.”

As The View‘s most conservative voice, McCain regularly debates with her more liberal-leaning co-hosts. Sometimes things get even more heated: She got into a viral verbal battle with Goldberg in mid-December when Goldberg told her to “please stop talking!”

“Do you want to hear a conservative on the show ever?” McCain asked Goldberg during their December spat.

McCain has said she often fears getting the boot from the show, even several years into her job.

“I go in assuming I’m going to be fired every day,” she said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in September. “Every single day.”

But McCain said she’s never felt like she’s actually come close to getting fired, despite her worries.

“It’s more the tone we are [at] culturally — people get canceled so easily,” she said then. “And by the way, Joy has this same thing, because we are the most honest and raw. And we’re always going to say something that is going to be too far one way. So I say it sort of jokingly, but sort of not.”