Meghan McCain Reflects on Dad John's Grave in Sweet Tribute: 'I Miss You the Most on Sunday'

Meghan McCain is grieving her late father, Sen. John McCain, with a sentimental photograph of his grave

Photo: Meghan McCain/Instagram; Getty Images

Meghan McCain is grieving her late father, Sen. John McCain, with a sentimental photograph of his grave.

On Sunday, Meghan, 33, posted a picture of her father’s tombstone at the United States Naval Academy. Flowers, coins and American flags are left in tribute to the Republican politician and war hero, who died at age 81 in August of glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer.

Meghan captioned the photograph, “I miss you the most on Sunday.”

The picture shows the nearby grave of the senator’s best friend, U.S. Navy Admiral Charles “Chuck” Larson.

In his 2018 memoir, The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations, Sen. McCain wrote that he wanted to “take my leave bound for a place near my old friend Chuck Larson, in the cemetery on the Severn, back where it began,” according to ABC News.

“Chuck has his wingman back now,” Larson’s widow Sarah said on CNN’s New Day in August. “Chuck came home one day and he said, ‘I picked out my grave,’ and I went ‘Oh, okay.’ … He said, ‘By the way, John is going to be next to me.'”

Sarah continued, “That was 20 some years ago, and then all of a sudden, it hit that oh my goodness, they will be next to each other.”

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Earlier in October, Meghan, who delivered a powerful eulogy at her father’s memorial service, came back as a co-host on The View. During her emotional return, she recalled the days following her father’s death.

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“From the second that my father passed … I had to get in a car and a motorcade … from the moment I left, there were people of all races, all ages, all creeds, people saluting, praying … he would’ve loved it,” she said. “I cried the entire time. There was a lot of talk about what died with him … his ideals … but they didn’t.”

“My father always said, ‘We are Americans, and we can never surrender,’” she said. “I understand how scared and divided people are. You have to join me in never surrendering.”

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