Meghan McCain Chafes at Talk of Her Ailing Dad's Funeral: 'Everybody Chill Out'

"Please be kind and respectful of the fact that there's a family here," Meghan McCain said Tuesday on The View

For two days, talk of Sen. John McCain‘s funeral has been all over the news — and McCain’s daughter Meghan wants it to stop.

“It’s just insensitive and it’s not appreciated at the moment,” Meghan McCain said Tuesday on The View, resuming her co-hosting role on the talk show after a long weekend at home in Arizona with her father, who is battling brain cancer.“How’s Pop?” co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked.“He’s doing really good. Just making jokes, talking, standing, doing, you know, doing a great recovery. He has a great team around him,” Meghan replied.

John McCain, 81, suffered a setback when he was hospitalized April 15 for surgery to treat an intestinal infection.

He’s “asking a lot about backstage gossip on the show,” Meghan said, “and I’m like, I’m not allowed to talk about that!”

Meghan McCain/Twitter

Her on-air return to the ABC show followed a weekend report in The New York Times that President Trump will not be welcome at her father’s funeral. Trump has several times insulted Sen. McCain, calling the naval war veteran and former prisoner of war “not a war hero,” and mimicking the limited mobility McCain has in his arms — a remnant of his five years of captivity and torture by the North Vietnamese.After the Times report, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch told CNN that McCain’s desire to exclude Trump (McCain would instead invite Vice President Mike Pence to represent the White House, and has asked former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama to deliver eulogies) is “ridiculous.” RELATED VIDEO: Meghan McCain Talks About Her Father John McCain’s ‘Crazy Amazing Recovery’ from Brain Cancer

Trump “is the President of the United States. He’s a very good man. But it’s up to John. I think John should have his wishes fulfilled with regard to who attends his funeral,” the Utah Republican told CNN, adding that he would ask McCain to change his mind and invite Trump to give a eulogy.“He would be a very interesting speaker and would do a good job for John.”But Hatch’s comments were too much for Meghan.“I’d like everybody to take a collective breath and chill out on my dad for a second, especially Orrin Hatch,” she said Tuesday.Referring to her family, she added: “We’re all doing good and hanging in. And it’s a process, as anyone knows if you know anyone who has cancer. So please be kind and respectful of the fact that there’s a family here.”

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