McCain sees a little of herself in Trump's youngest daughter
Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty; Erik Pendzich/REX Shutterstock

brightcove.createExperiences(); As Ivanka and Tiffany Trump got their first taste this week of the harsh general-election spotlight, one fellow political daughter could do nothing but sympathize.

“Of all the things I have to criticize about Donald Trump, his daughters are definitely not one of them,” Meghan McCain told PEOPLE on Thursday, in between her coverage of the Republican National Convention as an analyst for Fox News and as host of the daily talk-radio show America Now on iHeartRADIO. “They seem like lovely ladies.”

After Ivanka’s finger-pointing and facial expressions at the Republican National Convention were heavily scrutinized this week for signs of anger over the defiance of her father’s rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, McCain defended the businesswoman and her younger sister, Tiffany.

“They re doing a great job and people should be a little more sympathetic to the fact that it s their father and they re going to take it a little more personally when he s criticized in front of them,” said McCain, daughter of the GOP’s 2008 presidential nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Even as McCain calls Trump, her party’s presidential nominee, a “garbage candidate,” she says she “really likes” his daughters – especially Tiffany and her convention speech on Tuesday night.

“She kinda reminded me of me a little bit. She s a little feistier, a little more unorthodox and I like that and I thought she did a really good job,” McCain said.

Referencing earlier trolling of Tiffany’s Instagram, McCain added: “I was like, she s very young, she just got out of college, she s having fun. There s nothing wrong with that.”

And McCain’s advice to Tiffany: “I would say ‘Don t change. Don t change anything about how you are and how you talk and how you look.’ Because she s clearly doing it right.”

As Trump prepared for his big speech accepting the GOP nomination, McCain said she was holding out slim hope he’d improve in her estimation.

“Tonight there’s maybe an opportunity he will come out as a statesman and apologize for some of the things he’s said about Heidi Cruz, about my father, about Megyn Kelly. I don’t get over these things so easily; I’m sort of mafia about it,” McCain said. “Maybe [Trump] can come out and be presidential, but it’s his tone and his rhetoric more so than anything else. We don’t need to any more divisiveness from him.”