Twitter Gets Behind Marco Rubio's 'Reefer for Everyone' — Even Though It Was a Jab at Democrats

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio went viral on Twitter this week, though maybe not as he intended

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio went viral on Twitter this week — though maybe not as he intended — with a mocking post about Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in South Carolina

“To recap tonight’s Democratic debate. If they are elected you will get govt controlled internet, energy, schools and health care. And as a bonus, reefer for everyone!” Rubio, 48, tweeted while taking a jab at many of the candidates‘ sweeping policy proposals.

“Um, sign me up?” one Twitter user responded.

Some pointed out that Rubio’s tweet echoed a similarly well-received threat from the 2016 election made by President Donald Trump‘s surrogate Marco Gutierrez, who warned that if Hillary Clinton were elected there would be “taco trucks on every corner.”

“I was told if I voted for Hillary there would be taco trucks on every corner. I voted for Hillary, still waiting for the taco trucks,” one Twitter user cracked. “But seriously Marco this sounds like a lot of stuff we already have and then a few good things. You’ll have to try harder to scare us.”

“Hell yeah, thanks government,” another user wrote.

Marco Rubio
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Rubio’s dig came as Democrats held their 10th debate on Tuesday, four days ahead of the South Carolina primary.

Sen. Bernie Sanders leads the Democratic race, polling at 29 percent according to the national polling average by RealClear Politics. Sanders won the New Hampshire primary and Nevada caucus earlier this month and is looking to upset former Vice President Joe Biden in the South Carolina primary on Saturday.

Biden is polling in a second place nationally behind Sanders, with 18 percent, ahead of billionaire Mike Bloomberg, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Biden has heavily campaigned in South Carolina and put plenty of stock in his campaign’s future as he looks to show he has the backing of the black community, who make up a significant portion of the Democratic electorate.

“I think it’s just important that I win,” Biden told CBS News after Tuesday’s debate. “One point is enough, but I think I’m going to win by a lot more than that.”

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