Erica Werner/AP
June 20, 2017 04:16 PM

Not since Kesha’s failed attempt to hug Jerry Seinfeld has there been an embrace so apparently awkward as the one between Sen. Marco Rubio and First Daughter Ivanka Trump at the Capitol on Tuesday.

Now the Internet is having a field day mocking a photo of the moment that was posted to Twitter by Associated Press congressional reporter Erica Werner.

In the snapshot, the Florida Republican is seen leaning in to give Trump a hug as she stands with her arms at her side. Trump, who was still wearing sunglasses after recently entering the building, was at the Capitol for a meeting with lawmakers about her new child tax credit proposal.

It didn’t take long for the mockery and meme-making to commence on Twitter.

Some tweeters couldn’t decide who looked more uncomfortable. One user captioned the photo: “Rubio: Is this how the humans hug, Ivanka?”

Came the imagined response from Trump: “How the hell would I know, little kid?”

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