There's something Fresh about the dictator's new look

Credit: KCNA/REUTERS; Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank

Kim Jong Un is shaking up his style, and we think we know who inspired his new hairdo.

The supreme leader of North Korea became the talk of the Internet when he displayed a fuller, flatter and taller hairstyle during a politburo meeting in Pyongyang on Wednesday.

Like most things involving the dictator, the circumstances surrounding the bold new look remain a mystery, but we couldn’t help but notice that it looks oddly similar to the “flat top” haircut that was popularized in the ’90s by stars like Will Smith and Kid from Kid ‘n Play.

We know that ’90s kid Kim has a certain love for that particular decade – after all, he turned his appreciation for former NBA player (and ’90s icon) Dennis Rodman into an ever-blossoming friendship – but his new look might be taking the trend a bit too far.

However, in a country where leaders often use their public image to send strong messages, some DPRK watchers are wondering if this is another attempt by the young leader to mimic the style of his wildly popular father, Kim Jong-il, and grandfather, Kim Il-sung, both of whom rocked similar looks.

Either way, we have to say – Smith wore it better.