'The Office' 's Rainn Wilson Discusses Political Disagreements on 'Kid Correspondent'

"Disagreements can be good," the actor says

"Can we disagree and still get along?"

That's the ever-timely question the eponymous 8-year-old "kid correspondent" is asking Rainn Wilson on Friday's episode of the YouTube Originals show, exclusively previewed above.

The four-episode, pre-election series sees host Riah introducing various segments and interviewing celebrities along the way.

In a segment titled "Ask a Grown-Up," she asks The Office star (who knows from conflict thanks to his years playing Dwight Schrute) about the topic of political disagreement.

"Disagreements can be good because that means that people on different sides really care enough to have a point of view," Wilson, 54, answers. "In a healthy disagreement, everyone has a voice — and this is the most important thing — everyone listens to each another."

"What about debates on TV?" Riah asks. "Those can get pretty tense."

"Yeah, sometimes they can get pretty heated. But debates are a really important part of any election, because that's really where the candidates lay out their vision for our country," Wilson responds. "They lay out their policy points and positions. And it's up to all of us to listen, and hear all sides before we make up our minds."

The segment ends with a lightning round in which Wilson is asked to choose his favorites: chocolate or vanilla, cake or pie, and Beyoncé or .... Beyoncé.

His picks? "Chocula," pie and (who else?) Beyoncé.

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