October 11, 2016 05:28 AM

A star is Bone.

The spotlight may have been on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate, but both candidates were overshadowed by one “uncommitted voter” in a red pullover (which happened to be his Plan B outfit – he split the pants of an olive suit getting into his car).

Towards the end of the St. Louis-hosted town hall debate, audience member Kenneth Bone asked a question about energy which led to rants on natural gas, coal and cleaner energy. Before he even finished his question, social media users were busy crafting witty tweets.

Many compared the undecided voter’s appearance to Big Al’s, the toy collector from Toy Story 2. 

“Ken Bone IMMEDIATELY contacted after #debate to star in a live-action remake of Toy Story 2,” one Twitter user wrote.

Bone made waves on social media again when he was spotted pulling out a disposable camera to capture the scene once the debate wrapped. He even got to shake hands with President Bill Clinton before heading out!

One man even wrote a song dedicated to the bright light in a debate full of insults and hate.

Bone became an overnight sensation, receiving Twitter and Facebook fan pages. T-shirts that read “Welcome to the Bone Zone” are also available for purchase.

Although Ken Bone is not an option, vote for which candidate you believe won Sunday night’s debate in PEOPLE’s poll.

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