This isn't a partisan issue. This is a squirrel issue

Donald Trump,Kellyanne Conway,Claudia Conway
Claudia and Kellyanne Conway
| Credit: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

This isn’t a partisan issue. This is a squirrel issue.

In a rare moment of levity during her latest appearance on CNN, Kellyanne Conway took a break from explaining why Donald Trump won the presidency over Hillary Clinton to talk about a squirrel that interrupted the interview.

“And frankly, he was just a better messenger and communicator than she was,” Conway said during a lengthy response before getting sidetracked. “So, I just said she, and I know I was brought on… God, I hope that’s a squirrel and not a rat.” She tried to continue, but laughed, “Um, I was, yeah. Hi, squirrel. I was, uh, it’s better than the lawnmower that’s always back there.”

It certainly distracted viewers from what they were talking about, which was about reports of the Trump campaign’s analytics company reaching out to WikiLeaks to help secure Clinton’s emails.

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“The first I learned of that was this week,” Conway said, before going on the offensive when anchor Alisyn Camerota asked if she’d be comfortable with the Trump campaign doing that.

Watch the clip from her CNN interview above.

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