Kellyanne Conway Reveals She's a 'Victim of Sexual Assault' While Defending Brett Kavanaugh

The White House adviser doesn't believe experiencing sexual assault automatically means a person can't support Brett Kavanaugh

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Kellyanne Conway doesn’t believe experiencing sexual assault automatically means a person can’t support President Donald Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“I feel very empathetic frankly for victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape,” Conway, 51, remarked during CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper on Sunday morning.

The White House adviser then stopped to clear her throat before adding that she is “a victim of sexual assault.”

Conway went on to say that despite her personal experience — the details of which she did not share — she doesn’t believe that Kavanaugh should become a target of the #MeToo movement.

“I’ve just had it with it all being the same,” she remarked.

Following her admission, Tapper sympathetically said, “This is the first time I’ve ever heard you talk about something personal like that, and I’m really sorry.”

Conway went on to specifically address the two women who said they were survivors of sexual assault and confronted Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s contentious session on Friday, after which he reversed his guarantee of a “yes” vote for Kavanaugh, 53, and called for an FBI investigation into the allegations against the Supreme Court nominee.

“I want those women who were sexually assaulted the other day who were confronting Jeff Flake, God bless them, but go blame the perpetrator,” said Conway. “That’s who’s responsible for our sexual assaults, the people who commit them.”

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Tapper went on to ask how, “as a survivor of this ― and again I’m deeply, personally very sorry about whatever pain you’ve gone through,” Conway could “work for a president” who has publicly claimed that every woman who’s accused him of sexual misconduct is lying.

After asking that Tapper not “conflate that with this” or “with what happened to me,” she later explained, “I work for President Trump because he’s so good to the women who work for him.”

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In a dramatic turn of events, Trump said on Friday that he has ordered the FBI to look into the allegations but that he would restrict the investigation to one week.

“I’ve ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh’s file. As the Senate has requested, this update must be limited in scope and completed in less than one week,” he said in a statement.

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The news came shortly after Sen. Flake called for the Senate leadership to delay the full Senate vote for up to one week in order to make time for an FBI investigation into Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, which he has denied.

“This country’s being ripped apart here,” said Flake, who later received support from Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin III.

If you or someone you care about is affected by sexual violence, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline
1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

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