Kellyanne Conway's Couch Controversy Explained? Adviser Criticized for Kneeling on Furniture While on Her Phone

Kellyanne Conway was photographed kneeling on an Oval Office couch on Monday.

Kellyanne Conway was photographed kneeling on an Oval Office couch and browsing her phone while President Donald Trump met with leaders of historically black colleges and universities on Monday.

Social media was in an uproar with reaction posts and memes as some voiced their opinion that the White House senior adviser was being disrespectful, not only because she had her feet on the furniture but also because of the context of Trump’s meeting.

However, other photos from the gathering may explain why Conway was looking at her phone and perching on the furniture.

“She was taking a photo. This is the dumbest outrage ever,” tweeted Ben Dreyfuss, Mother Jones‘ engagement editor.

He also added, “I don’t give one f— that Kellyanne Conway put her feet on a couch.”


A close look at the photo also shows that Conway was not barefoot, as some critics claimed. She was actually wearing beige heels while snapping the photo. Twitter users were divided on whether that made the picture better – or worse.

Neither Conway nor Trump have responded to the photo.

Celebrities such as Alyssa Milano, Keith Olbermann and Vanessa Carlton tweeted the photo of Conway. “Get your f–king feet off the furniture, @KellyannePolls. This isn’t your home,” Olbermann wrote.

Even last night’s Oscars gaffe was mixed into the Conway phone mentions.

But not all the responses were negative. Some defended Conway by sharing photos of former President Barack Obama with his feet on Kennedy’s resolute desk.

And others were just curious as to what exactly Conway was doing on her phone.

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