Comedian Keegan-Michael Key Has a New Role: Explaining Social Distancing with Friend Joe Biden

Key endorsed the former vice president on "Super Tuesday"

Keegan-Michael Key is supporting Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

The comedian, who endorsed the former vice president on "Super Tuesday" in early March, appears with Biden in a new campaign video about friendship in the age of social distancing and the novel coronavirus. The sketch-like clip shows the two playing cards and sharing a meal.

Back in March, Key, 49, posted a video on Twitter talking with Biden and doing his best impersonation of former President Barack Obama.

“A great reason to brush up on my Barry O impression,” Key wrote alongside the video.

Biden became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee after a series of big wins over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who dropped out of the race in April.

The nomination will officially be announced later this year at the party’s national convention.

Many other celebrities and politicians, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and singer Cher, have endorsed Biden in the election against President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly swatted at Biden in preparation for a lengthy back-and-forth before November. Trump is likewise supported by celebrities such as Roseanne Barr, Jon Voight and Kanye West.

In the new campaign clip, Key and Biden demonstrate how to keep up an appropriately socially distanced friendship during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pair complete a number of quarantine-friendly activities over video chat — including playing Go Fish, lifting weights and doing a crossword. They also work on some campaign tasks.

“I’m working on a speech for you to deliver,” Biden says, to which Key quips in response, “We should try to find a place for the word ‘loquacious.’ ”

Toward the end of the video, Key attempts to log off, but the presidential hopeful finds a way to keep him on.

“Where are you going?" Biden says, before continuing their game of Go Fish. “You’re in quarantine. You can’t go anywhere.”

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