Her father is the former governor of California and her mother is a Kennedy, but it looks like Katherine Schwarzenegger won't be following in her parents' political footsteps anytime soon

By Dave Quinn
Updated October 07, 2016 02:44 PM

Her father is the former governor of California and her mother is a Kennedy. But it looks like Katherine Schwarzenegger won’t be following in her parents’ political footsteps anytime soon.

The 26-year-old author and blogger stopped by PEOPLE Now on Friday, where she revealed that she doesn’t have any plans to go into politics.

“Absolutely not, politics is not my thing,” she said. “I think if you grow up in it, you either love it or you’re like, ‘No thank you!’ ”

Katherine Schwarzenegger on a Possible Future in Politics: ‘Absolutely Not!’

“I really respect politicians 100 percent — it’s such hard work,” she continues. “You really have to devote all your time, your energy, your complete life, your children — everything.”

She added: “I prefer to stand by and support and be active in things that I’m passionate about, but politics right now is not one of them.”

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Just because Schwarzenegger isn’t dipping into politics herself, doesn’t mean she’s not excited by the presidential election. But she’s surprised Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made it this far.

“I think it’s very telling of how America is feeling right now and why people are relating to him and why people are responding to him the way that they are,” she said, of his rise in popularity since launching his campaign last year. “I thought the debate was really interesting and incredible to watch.”

Schwarzenegger appears to be Team Hillary Clinton though.

“I think it’s really exciting. The thought of having a woman president is amazing and something I’m really excited about,” she says.