Tierney McAfee
June 15, 2017 11:35 AM

Saturday Night Live is on summer hiatus but that didn’t stop Kate McKinnon from parodying the latest news out of President Trump‘s White House during a recent visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers.

McKinnon — who admitted it’s hard sitting on the sidelines when there’s so much news to mock — wasted no time launching into a re-enactment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate testimony from Tuesday.

Twisting her lips to mimic what she describes as Sessions’ “funny little mouth,” McKinnon explained in Sessions’ Alabama drawl why the attorney general didn’t respond when James Comey asked him to keep Trump away from him.

“I didn’t hear him,” McKinnon-as-Sessions said of Comey. “This guy is about 6-foot-8 and I had heard a sound above my head. I thought it was a cicada!”

She then fake-sneezed several times and exclaimed, “Recuse me!”

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McKinnon also introduced the world to a character that — despite her repeated best efforts — never made it onto SNL.

“I had this Scottish troll character named Colleen. She was a Scottish troll and she wanted a kiss and that was her deal,” McKinnon explained. “I did it at the read-through table 10 times in one year.”

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Bottom line, executive producer Lorne Michaels finally had to ask Seth Meyers to tell McKinnon, “Colleen’s not happening.”

But now, McKinnon is finally giving fans a glimpse of this versatile character who’s part-tour guide, part-troll, part-prime minister of Scotland and part-Susan Boyle.

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