New Batman Comic Shows the Joker Trying to Get Donald Trump Re-elected as Part of His Evil Plan

In a Batman comic released last week, the supervillain is shown campaigning for a hateful governor and clear Trump stand-in

President Donald Trump‘s 2020 re-election campaign has been the butt of jokes across the internet in recent days after bizarre attempts to defend his record, including editing his head onto a teenage girl’s body on the cover of TIME.

Someone who isn’t laughing? The Joker himself — aka Trump’s latest booster.

In a Batman comic released last week, Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, the supervillain is shown campaigning for a hateful governor (and clear Trump stand-in) who’s running for re-election with the aid of an antagonist group.

The politician looks strikingly like Trump, with a handful of nods throughout the story alluding to the fact that the character is based on the divisive TV host and businessman-turned-president.

What’s more, while Trump isn’t specifically named in the comic book, the stocky, blond-headed politician in the story has a range of similarities — from his direct likeness to the tone and pattern of his speech.

“It’s going to be beautiful! You’re gonna love it! You’re gonna love every inch of it!” the character exclaims in one speech. “I’m talking streets so safe you can let your kids go play and not even think about ’em!”

The Joker is also depicted wearing an American flag jacket that reads “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” — a not-so-subtle reference to the controversial jacket First Lady Melania Trump wore when visiting migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border last year.

Mrs. Trump’s jacket had the same text across the back.

The new Batman comic features a Trump-like character running for re-election. Rafael Grampa/DC
Rafael Grampa/DC

Last week, the Trump re-election campaign saw several of its mocking tweets boomerang back ineffectively.

In the first, the campaign account tweeted out an edited clip from Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame that confusingly depicted President Trump as the mass-murdering antagonist Thanos, this time facing off with Democratic lawmakers.

Twitter quickly piled on with jeers, with one user bluntly responding: “great meme, idiots.”

In the new DC comic, the Joker gets recruited by supervillain Darkseid who’s actively working to re-elect the Trumpian governor in an effort to destroy “humanity’s faith in itself” (according to The Hollywood Reporter) as well as lower the population’s morale and — as supervillains try and do — conquer the world.

Darkseid (top) recruits Joker (bottom) to help re-elect a Trump-like politician in a newly released Batman comic. Rafael Grampa/DC

The Joker, who is helping campaign for the Trump character, is considered one of Darkseid’s “agents of chaos” and is shown among Trump’s red campaign hats and red, white and blue campaign posters depicting the politician.

In one scene, protestors are shown flooding the streets and holding up signs with pictures of the Trump character that read “NO MORE HATE.”

The real-life President Trump is reportedly a fan of the fictional Joker character, or at least one version of him.

Trump hosted a screening of the recent Joaquin Phoenix-starring Joker at the White House in November and “liked the film,” according to CNN.

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