"Everyone doesn't have to agree with my dad or like him, but I do ask you to be decent and respectful," Bridget, 27, tweeted at the president. "If you can't do those two things, be mindful. We only said goodbye to him almost 7 months ago"

By Adam Carlson
March 21, 2019 06:22 PM
Republican Convention, St. Paul, USA
Bridget McCain at the Republican National Convention in 2008
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Bridget McCain, the youngest daughter of John McCain, on Thursday appealed directly to President Donald Trump — on Trump’s favorite platform, Twitter — amid his continued fuming about the late Arizona senator.

“Everyone doesn’t have to agree with my dad or like him, but I do ask you to be decent and respectful,” Bridget, 27, tweeted at the president early Thursday. “If you can’t do those two things, be mindful. We only said goodbye to him almost 7 months ago.”

In a second tweet, Bridget went on the offensive, casting the president’s fixation on her father as part of his broader narcissism and poor impulse control.

“Even if you were invited to my dad’s funeral, you would have only wanted to be there for the credit and not for any condolences,” she wrote. “Unfortunately, you could not be counted on to be courteous, as you are a child in the most important role the world knows.”

Bridget’s older sister Meghan, who is a co-host of The View, discussed her tweets on the show later Thursday. Meghan has frequently spoken out about Trump’s continued disparagement of her dad, but it had clearly taken a toll.

“I don’t like coming here every day and having to do this. … It’s extremely emotionally exhausting,” she said. “I’m not the only child in my family. I have six brothers and sisters. and my little sister Bridget, for the first time ever, has decided she wanted to speak out — she’s very, very private.”

Meghan noted that Bridget has long stayed out of the spotlight, tracing back to a smear campaign against Sen. McCain during the 2000 presidential primary.

But speaking up now, “I think it’s very brave of her,” Meghan said of her sister. “She’s very young and she does not speak publicly.”

Meghan expanded on her sentiments on Instagram after the show. She posted a photo of her, Bridget and their dad and wrote, “Incredibly proud of my brave sister Bridget … for speaking out against President Trump. I love you more than I could ever possibly say. Your strength and grace continues to help carry us all through our grief.”

Republican Convention, St. Paul, USA
Bridget McCain
| Credit: Jae C Hong/AP/REX/Shutterstock

On Wednesday, as the View panel discussed President Trump’s animosity toward the Arizona senator, who died last summer from brain cancer, Meghan called it a “new bizarre low.” Trump and McCain, at different times both leaders of their Republican Party, made no secret of their political differences: Sen. McCain was the deciding vote in blocking efforts to overturn the Affordable Care Act two years ago.

But Trump, as is his pattern, has personally targeted McCain as well, including mocking him for being captured while fighting in the Vietnam War.

During a Twitter spree over the weekend — while some of his family fled the spotlight for Florida — the president retweeted another user who wrote, “Millions of Americans truly LOVE President Trump, not McCain. I’m one! We hated McCain for his ties to the Russian dossier & his vote against repealing Obamacare.”

Trump also derided McCain, falsely, as “last in his class” while in the Naval Academy.

Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, the president said: “I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be.”

On Wednesday, during a speech in Ohio, the president bizarrely said he had not gotten a proper “thank you” after “approving” Sen. McCain’s funeral last year. It is unclear what he meant, though he was likely referring to authorizing the use of military planes.