Piscopo told The Washington Post he's "very close" to running for governor of New Jersey

By Lindsay Kimble
March 09, 2017 01:00 PM
Bobby Bank/WireImage

Yet another Saturday Night Live alum is dipping a toe into politics.

Joe Piscopo – who lampooned Frank Sinatra and played Gumby’s horse Pokey during his early ’80s tenure on the show – told The Washington Post that he’s “very close” to declaring his candidacy for New Jersey governor.

“The journey has laid itself out, and I see there’s a lot of support for someone like me to get in,” the 65-year-old told the paper, adding that he was partially inspired to consider the career change after campaigning for President Donald Trump last year.

Piscopo – who works as a conservative radio host for New York’s AM 970 – further outlined his potential plans to CNN, saying, “I’m doing my due diligence,” and noting that “The people of New Jersey are ticked off and it’s my home state that I have immense love for.”

Piscopo said he is not sure what party he would run under – he currently identifies as independent – but noted that it would definitely not be “as a Democrat,” although he was one for much of his life.

He has, however, considered a campaign slogan: “Piscopo for the People,” he told the Post.

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Current N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s term ends in January 2018. He’s held the office since 2010.

Piscopo is not the first SNL comic to make a major career change to government life: former writer and cast member Al Franken is Minnesota’s junior senator.