Biden Snips at Trump for Talking Over Him as They Spar at Debate: 'Will You Shut Up, Man?'

The president spent much of Tuesday night's debate interjecting and interrupting both his rival and moderator Chris Wallace if he didn't like what they were saying

Donald Trump had a lot to say about what his rival, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, said during their first presidential debate, on Tuesday night.

The president spent much of their face-off talking over Biden and the moderator, Chris Wallace, interrupting what they were saying if it displeased him or he felt he was being attacked.

Biden, likewise, talked over his rival — though as Wallace noted, Trump was the one more comfortable cutting off everyone else.

“Will you shut up, man?” Biden, 77, eventually said to Trump, 74, toward the end of the opening segment as Trump kept interjecting with questions about Biden's platform and his views on the Supreme Court.

Later in the debate, Wallace chided Trump and asked him to respect the rules of the debate, telling him: ″Frankly, you’ve been doing more interrupting.″

Just minutes into the event, Wallace found himself reining in both candidates as they argued with one another over the Affordable Care Act, after the Fox News host asked the candidates how Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett would impact the law. (Trump nominated Barrett on Saturday.)

first presidential debate
President Donald Trump (left) and former Vice President Joe Biden at their debate, on Sept. 29 in Cleveland. Morry Gash/Getty Images

Trump claimed he would soon announce a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, an Obama-era healthcare law that the Republican president has long promised his supporters that he would replace in ″weeks″ and in ″months,″ though has never laid out a comprehensive plan to do so.

“Folks, do you have any idea what this clown’s doing?” Biden said, as Trump was answering a question.

″The fact is this man doesn't know what he's talking about," Biden added.

Trump quickly turned feisty in the debate's opening segment when he started to interrupt Wallace as the moderator was asking the president about his healthcare plans. (Trump has sometimes sparred with Wallace in the past.)

Wallace, 72, reminded Trump: “You’re debating him, not me,” referring Biden, who looked on before joining in the primetime kerfuffle.

The two presidential candidates continued to talk over one another as they argued over policy, though often neither was able to fully complete a point without the other interrupting.

"Gentleman, you realize that you're both speaking at the same time,” Wallace reminded the candidates.

Before he turned the debate towards its second segment, on the COVID-19 pandemic, the moderator paused to remind both candidates: “Let’s try to be serious about it.”

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