Cliff Owen/AP
November 16, 2016 05:09 PM

Vice President Joe Biden had nothing but positive things to say about his meeting with Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Wednesday.

In their second meeting since Donald Trump was elected president last week, Pence and Biden had lunch at the Naval Observatory, the vice president’s official residence, along with their spouses, Karen Pence and Dr. Jill Biden.

Taking questions from the press later, Biden — flanked by the vice president-elect, Karen and Jill — said the meeting went “very, very well,” adding of the Pences, “I hope they enjoy this home as much as Jill and I have.”

Biden’s hospitality doesn’t end there. “I told Mike — the vice president elect — that I’m available to him 24-7,” Biden told reporters. “I plan on being available to Mike as a senior staff for him as he moves … He could be smart and reject most of my ideas, but I think he’ll listen to some of it.”

Asked whether he believed the Trump administration would be ready to govern after the president-elect officially takes office in January, the vice president said, “No administration is ready for Day 1. We weren’t ready on Day 1. I’ve never met one that’s ever been ready on Day 1. But I’m confident on Day 1 everything will be in good hands and they’ll be able to handle everything.”

Biden added that he wasn’t worried that Trump’s presidency would undo the Obama administration’s accomplishments, saying, “Look, they ran on a platform they’re gonna try to move. I think there’s a lot of things that were done where we can reach some accommodation.”


Pence said he and his wife were “very grateful for the hospitality” and that they had “an enjoyable time,” noting that they got a “cook’s tour” of the residence.

Pence and Biden first met briefly last Wednesday in the vice president’s White House office, shortly after Trump and President Obama’s first meeting that same day.

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The vice president’s office said the two men discussed “their time working together in Congress and their friendship dating back many years. The vice president talked with the vice president-elect about the key duties of the vice president, and discussed a number of specific policy portfolios that have been a critical focus for him during his time in office, including NATO and eastern Europe and expanding access to the middle class.”

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