Joe Biden Says He and Jill Make Their Own Breakfast in the White House: 'Well I Don't, Jill Does'

"We're not used to people waiting on us," President Joe Biden told Jimmy Fallon of his and First Lady Jill Biden's life in the White House

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President Joe Biden says he's still a man of the people.

The 46th President of the United States, 79, revealed he and Dr. Jill Biden are "not used to people waiting on us" in the White House as he made his first late-night appearance since taking office Friday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"Jill and I, we come from middle class backgrounds. We both are college graduates who worked like hell ... anyway, the end result was that we're not used to people waiting on us," Joe explained. "And so in the White House, there's somebody to make your breakfast or someone to pack your clothes or someone to carry your bag."

"We now have a deal. And they're great. The guys who run the kitchen on the second floor, we don't have them come in to do breakfast works, because there's no need for them to have to do breakfast, whereas we can make our own eggs or pour a bowl of cereal."

When Fallon, 47, asked if the POTUS makes his own eggs, Joe clarified: "Well I don't, Jill does." He noted that his culinary skills are pretty limited.

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"My daughter was being interviewed when she was about, I don't know, 9, 10 years old. And [they] said, 'Can your daddy cook for you?' She said, 'My daddy can't do much, he can boil water and make "sketti." But he can't do much else,'" Joe recounted. "And guess what, she's right."

The Bidens checked in with PEOPLE back in February for their first White House interview, revealing how they were settling into their new digs. "The residence staff has been so great, trying to make it feel like home for us," the first lady said. "We have family pictures all around, our books, some furniture we brought from home."

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