The bromance between Barack Obama and Joe Biden is the stuff of memes -- many, many memes -- and now Biden himself is revealing his favorites

By Tierney McAfee
November 15, 2017 04:32 PM
The Obama White House/YouTube

The bromance between Barack Obama and Joe Biden is the stuff of memes — many, many memes — and now Biden himself is revealing his favorites.

In a new interview with NBC News, the former vice president opens up about his close relationship with Obama, and says that the feel-good social media memes about the twosome are “in essence … all true.”

He adds, “A couple of ones I liked were ones where I was trying on Ray Bans and he’s lying on the couch and I turn around and I said, ‘Which ones do you like?’ And he looks at me and says, ‘Joe, Joe, come on, focus here.’ ”


Biden said another of his favorite memes was one involving him trying to convince Obama to leave a fake birth certificate behind for successor Donald Trump to find. The joke was a reference to Trump’s long-running “birther” crusade, in which he pushed the false conspiracy theory that Obama was not born in the United States.

After Trump’s election, some of his critics turned to Obama-Biden memes for comfort. Many of the 2016 election-era memes depicted Biden urging an exasperated Obama to play tricks on Trump before leaving the White House.

Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden previously told the Dow Jones blog Moneyish that when her father first saw the memes, he “sat there for an hour and laughed.”

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“My parents had a nice relationship with the Obamas and still do,” Ashley said in March.