The man appeared to be filming on his cell phone when he approached the Democratic candidate, as the crowd began to chant to drown him out

By Sean Neumann
February 11, 2020 01:54 PM

It looks like former Vice President Joe Biden has a new member of his security team: his wife, Dr. Jill Biden.

According to video published by CNN and elsewhere, Mrs. Biden, 68, was quick to her feet when a protestor began yelling and approaching her husband while he delivered a campaign speech in New Hampshire on Monday, quickly walking over to push away and re-direct the man from the podium.

“I’m a good Philly girl,” the former second lady joked afterwards when reporters asked her about the incident, CNN reports.

The man appeared to be filming on his cell phone when he approached the Democratic candidate, as the crowd began to chant, “We want Joe! We want Joe!” in an attempt to drown him out, while one Biden supporter even used his campaign sign to block the heckler’s phone.

Mrs. Biden and a group of others then escorted the protestor away.

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Jill Biden (left) helps remove a heckler at a New Hampshire campaign event for husband Joe Biden on Monday.
Scott Eisen/Getty
Jill Biden (left) shakes hands with voters alongside her husband, Joe Biden (right), at a New Hampshire event on Monday.
Scott Eisen/Getty

Vice President Biden, 77, who has long been polling as the front-runner to challenge President Donald Trump in November, has seen his momentum and support stall after coming in fourth place in Iowa’s Democratic caucus last week.

He is looking to improve on that in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday but he and his allies have stressed he expects to rebound when more diverse states begin voting, such as Nevada and South Carolina.

“We’re going to do just fine heading south and across this country,” Biden recently told a crowd in Manchester, New Hampshire, according to The New York Times. “We’re going to win this nomination.”

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Among those sticking by the former vice president: Kill Bill star Vivica A. Fox, who endorsed him last month.

“Right now, to me, it seems like the presidency is like a joke. What is really going on?” Fox told PEOPLE then. “That respect and that class is what is lacking that I really feel like Joe Biden has for us and what I want to see in my president.”

Fox, 55, said that her decision to back the former vice president is simple: it comes down to experience and respect.

“He’s got ‘that thing,’ ”Fox said. “He has that history, and he’s been there.”