Friday marks the Texas couple's 85th Valentine's Day together

By Sean Neumann
February 14, 2020 11:52 AM

Time flies when you’ve found “the one” — at least that’s what the world’s oldest living married couple tells Today co-host Jenna Bush Hager in an adorable new Valentine’s Day segment about their record-breaking love story.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long,” John Henderson, 106, told Hager. “It really doesn’t seem that long. Time does fly.”

He and his wife Charlotte Henderson, 105, met back in 1934 at the University of Texas, where they were both students at the time — John played football, while Charlotte was studying to become a teacher when the two met in a zoology class.

“We were seated alphabetically, so I sat right behind her and looked down over her shoulder,” John remembers. “When I just saw her and got to talking to her, I don’t think I had another date after that one day in class.”

They married five years later on December 14, 1939 in front of just two witnesses and have since remained committed to each other through what’s now become currently the world’s longest marriage, according to Guinness World Records.

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John is currently the oldest living former University of Texas football player, and the couple has attended at least one game every year for the last 84 years, according to CNN.

But they also have other annual traditions, like celebrating their marriage together every Valentine’s Day.

John tells Hager that he still makes a handmade Valentine for his wife every year.

Friday marks their 85th Valentine’s Day together — the 80th they’ve celebrated as a married couple.

“It has a little note on it,” Charlotte points out. “He’s pretty romantic when you get down to it.”

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John and Charlotte Henderson set the record for the oldest living married couple in 2019.
Courtesy Longhorn Village
John and Charlotte Henderson hold up their Guinness World Record together.
Courtesy Longhorn Village

Last November, the 105 year old said her marriage to John is probably what helped them both live so long.

“We had such a good time when John retired. We traveled a lot,” she said then. “We just stay busy all the time, and I’m sure that helps.”

Hager notes that the couple has traveled the world and recently settled in to a retirement home in Texas, where their love story began almost nine decades ago.

Near the end of the Today segment, Hager — who opened up to PEOPLE last November about her marriage and three children — asked the couple for advice on keeping such a long-lasting love alive.

“Never go to bed at night with a chip on your shoulder,” John told her. “And be glad you’re with each other.”