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October 19, 2016 01:49 PM

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed the election is rigged against him, and that if he loses, it will be the result of a conspiracy to keep him out of the White House. But Ivanka Trump said Wednesday that she believes her father will accept the results of the election — win or lose.

“My father is in this to win it,” Ivanka, 34, said during an interview with TIME Editor Nancy Gibbs at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit in California. “I’m not interested in talking about alternative outcomes and of course I think my father will always do the right thing. That’s the type of person he is.”

“He’ll either win or he won’t win, and I believe he will accept the outcome either way,” she also said.

Ivanka has played a prominent role in her father’s presidential campaign thus far, speaking at his campaign launch, the Republican convention and other events, and helping draft his child care plan. But she said Wednesday that she doesn’t approve of how the media has depicted her as a “surrogate” for the GOP nominee.

“I’m not a surrogate, I’m a daughter,” she said. “I’m not the campaign mastermind that people like to portray.”

“When people ask me about politics, I talk about what a great dad he was, and what a great businessman he’s been, because that’s what I know,” she added, also praising her father as a “leader of people.” “Everyone else can debate policy.”

Ivanka’s interview comes the same week she broke her silence about her father’s recently surfaced 2005 hot-mic tape, in which he boasted about kissing and groping women without their consent.

Ivanka said in a statement to Fast Company“My father’s comments were clearly inappropriate and offensive, and I’m glad that he acknowledged this fact with an immediate apology to my family and the American people.”

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Asked about her father’s 2005 comments during Wednesday’s summit, Ivanka described the incident as “jarring,” but pointed out that her father had apologized.

“He recognizes it was crude language, he was embarrassed that he had said those things, and he apologized,” she said. “That’s not language consistent with any conversation I’ve had with him.”


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